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Appointments and intake procedure

Initial appointments or to get more information about me and my practice can be made by phone or email.  See contact page.

After a first screening by phone, you will be given an appointment within two weeks for an introductory session. During this session we will talk about your problems, and your expectations with regard to your treatment. We will evaluate whether your needs and my treatment possibilities are a good match. If this be the case, one or more intake sessions will be needed to talk about your personal history, complaints and previous treatment. Based on the outcome of these talks I will present a diagnosis and treatment plan. Sometimes I advise doing an extra psycho-diagnostic examination.
Treatment duration depends on the type and duration of the problem, but you should count on a minimum of 10 sessions.

An Individual session lasts 45-60 minutes, a couples or family session 90 minutes. Sessions can take place once a week, but very often less frequently is possible or advised.
After a few sessions there will be a short evaluation of your progress and we will see whether your expectations are being met. If necessary, we can adjust the treatment plan.

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This is one of the most essential parts of a treatment. It is important that you feel safe to speak about everything that could be important for progress in the therapy process.
In my work I endorse the ethical code for psychotherapists.
This means that:

  • no information about your treatment is given or discussed with others without your permission
  • your file will be stored carefully
  • you have the right to read your file
  • your file will be destroyed after 15 years, or sooner if you request this.
  • During the first intake session you get the possibility to sign a privacy declaration. This guarantees that no diagnosis is put on your invoice.
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Costs and terms of payment

Psychological and psychotherapeutic treatment is usually reimbursed by Dutch health insurance companies and by large international insurers such as Cigna and JSIS. The amount of reimbursement is dependent on several factors, including whether I hold a contract with your insurance company and the type of policy you have.

Since 2015 I don’t hold contracts anymore with Dutch insurers. I do hold however a BIG registration as Psychotherapist (09025792316) and a BIG registration as Health Care Psychologist (99025792325) , which means, that in general you still get a 100% reimbursement in case you have a so called Restitution policy and 70-80% in case of a Natura policy.
A new way of charging for mental healthcare has come into affect on 1 January 2022, the so called "Zorgprestatiemodel" ( the care performance model).
From now on you will receive my invoice every month or every tree months. This invoice shows you the dates and duration of the sessions that took place in that/ those month(s).
The costs of a treatment are in accordance with the rules of the NZA ( Nederlandse Zorg Autoriteit). After paying the invoice to me you can send it, together with your referral letter and to your insurance company to get it reimbursed.

International insurance companies all have their own requirements and in general generous compensations.

Clients should always contact their own insurance company before the start of a treatment, in order to know what amount will be reimbursed.

Fees for coaching, mediation, and diagnostic examination vary and are not reimbursed by health insurance companies, though some employers may pay part of coaching costs. Please call to find out fees for coaching, mediation, diagnostic examination and academic supervision.

Invoices should be paid within 14 days after receipt. Appointments may be cancelled without cost no later than 24 hours before a planned session. In case of "no show" you will receive an invoice for 50% of the normal fee, this invoice is not reimbursed by insurance companies.

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Should you not be happy with the treatment, with me, or my way of working, I recommend that you discuss this with me as soon as possible. We can then try to solve the problem together. It is my experience that in most cases we can continue the treatment. If however we are unable to work things out, we will stop the treatment and/or I can refer you to a colleague.
Should you have any serious complaints regarding your treatment with me, you can contact:

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Irma Jochems- de Ridder, (Ma)
Practice for Psychotherapy and Coaching
Laan van Clingendael 153
2597 CC The Hague
T : 070 406 02 06
E :
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Irma Jochems

In case of my absence

I work in cooperation with a number of colleagues in the area, who upon request, can take care of you if I am away for more than a few days. In a crisis situation you should call your family doctor/"huisarts" first.

Opening hours

Appointments are possible on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday between 9.00 and 18.00 hours.

Consultation by colleagues/doctors

Doctors, colleagues etc. can contact me by phone or e-mail for consultation about patients, references or difficulties in treatment situations.

Waiting time

I try to offer you a first intake appointment within 2 or 3 weeks after you contacted me. If this is not possible, I will tell you and if necessary refer you to a colleague. After we have finished the intake procedure, treatment can most of the times start within a couple of weeks. (June 2024). The waiting time does not depend on your insurance company, but on my agenda and availability.

The NZa has obliged us to put the following text on our website:
"In case you find the waiting time to long, you can always contact your health care provider or insurance company and ask for waiting list mediation. Your insurer can help you to get a first appointment within 4 weeks and a start of the treatment within 10 weeks after you first contacted the therapist. These are the maximum waiting periods that were declared acceptable for both health care providers and health insurers."