For whom?

Who can I help?

Adults, (including seniors) and adolescents (16+) who together with me want to (learn how to) understand and overcome their problems. I can assist with:

  • relationship and family problems
  • divorce
  • anxiety and stress
  • depression
  • insecurity
  • identity problems
  • problems linked to severe physical illness or bereavement
  • incest and other traumatic experiences
  • expatriate problems
  • job-related problems

Systems therapists in training who need a supervisor

Medical practitioners and others who need professional advice or a second opinion on a patient

Who can't I help?

Persons with:

  • primary sexual problems
  • severe addiction problems
  • eating disorders
  • psychiatric problems with symptoms such as psychoses, auto-mutilation, suicidal behavior, or manic episodes.

Persons with these problems should seek help at a psychiatric center where a multidisciplinary team and twenty- four hour - attendance is available.

This practice is NOT for children under the age of 16



Irma Jochems- de Ridder, (Ma)
Practice for Psychotherapy and Coaching
Laan van Clingendael 153
2597 CC The Hague
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Irma Jochems